The Europan 13 reached its conclusion!

After the "Forum of Cities and Juries" which was held in Bratislava on 6 and 7 November, with great international attention, and after the final works of the national juries across Europe, finally published the winning projects of this thirteenth edition!
The national event to award the prize winning teams, together with the exhibition of the projects, will take place at the end of March next year in Molfetta.
1305 projects from around the world in response to the 49 programs proposed by promoters of the sites of the 15 European countries organizers of the competition. A great result for Italy on the demanding theme of the waterfront of Molfetta for which it was sent 37 proposals, more than 70% of the registered teams. High presence of Italian designers but also European. Around all the projects, 78% came from Italy, 14% from Spain, 5% by France and 3% from Germany. We show you the winning projects for the site of Molfetta. For all the results go to the website of the europan europeItalian version

WINNER: Hold the line -  A flexible tool for an adaptable city

AUTORS: Nicola Dario Baldassarre, Pasquale Cipri, Salvatore Dentamaro, Nicoletta Faccitondo, Andrea Salvatore e Margherita Valente
Embracing the theme of the adaptable city, the project proposes a flexible system which can help the site to realize its full potential. A new unified and compact waterfront is designed,with a single action, a line, running through the entire site, made with a system of modular portal,3,60x3,60m; its repetition forms the road, for bicycles and pedestrians and also shelters, little cafes or stalls. The main aim is to give the waterfront back to the citizens, making them live and inhabit the site. The spirit is to involve and educate the population in a process of self organization,  self maintenance,  and sharing of the waterfront. There are six attractors: for the ex-Colonia, a place for children and a public beach; nearby the Inps building, a spacious square, overlooking the sea; for the waterfront till the old town, a phytodepuration system, and three public pedestrian piers, with cafes and stalls; for shipyards a pedestrian walk running just above the sheds, giving people the opportunity to observe the workers; beside, an office for the reception of tourists and some recreational areas; for Secca dei Pali, pools and an artificial beach.

RUNNER UP: ​Molfetta, Terra e Mare

AUTORS: Barbara Piona Dottore, Josep Ninou Carmona, Luis Julio Pareda Arias, Ferran Viladomat Serrat
collaboratori: Gabriel Casals Serrano e Carles Esquerra Julià
Bringing back the city with the sea is the aim of this proposal.
The current relationship between the land and the sea, as well as the high traffic density and the poor parking organization, have transformed the coastal landscape of Molfetta in a variety of path unrelated to the historical identity and tectonics of the city.
The project propose the regeneration and creation of new urban path along the waterfront in order to get back the identity of the city by: the pedestrianization of the entire waterfront and a line of rapid public transport connecting Prima Cala and the square of Madonna dei Martiri; the positive transformation of the parapet which becomes a seating element with a double level of walk and bathing; integration of Villa Garibaldi with the whole system of Levante; floors and steps to the west where the two levels of path are unified with a ratio that gradually towards the sea; street furniture compatible with local materials

SPECIAL MENTION: ​A walk to re(new imagine activate)

AUTORS: Miguel Fernandez-Galiano, Laia Cervelló Sabaté, Alfonso Rengifo Cavestany, José Sanz Gorordo, Regina Valle Viudes
collaborators: Marta Criado del Rey Arana, Luis Gómez Hernández e Javier Núñez Pérez-Seoane
We faced the challenge of Molfetta by understanding what the city really has to offer, what it has, what can be rediscovered, and what can be reused. To Eliminate the massive presence of the car along the coastline to really appreciate the beauty of Molfetta: sea and historical city. In order to do so we localize four spaces where we strategically place parking lots, as well as taking advantage of their roofs as a solar garden that will harness the power for our last intervention in the city.
The second point of the intervention is recognizing seven areas of activity that we can enhance, renew, or even reimagine to really empower the city. Basilica, the Market, the Port, the Town Hall, the Coast Line, and the slim strip of beach that exist in the southeast of the city. In order to characterize the areas of intervention is foreseen to install a series of multipurpose foundations that we can build different “stands”. These stands will bring power, electricity, Wi-Fi, and water for different activities. The design of these stands will be opened every year in a competition as is the case, for example, of the Serpentine Gallery in London.


AUTORS: Serafino Fioriello, Maria Concetta Buquicchio, Loiacono Lorenzo
collaborator: Andrea Capuano
“SeaSide” aims to reconnect the two waterfronts through the valorization of their identity and the strengthening of the relationship with the sea: tourism, sports, and seaside accommodation on the one hand; religious, historic, and seafaring vocation, on the other hand are connected with the sea, emphasizing the richness and permeability of the urban places. The keywords for the project are: re-naturalization of natural elements that became hubs for aggregation, bathing and sports activities; the enhancement of consolidated historical elements as former holiday seaside camp, shipyards and Basilica of S. Maria dei Martiri; the realization of spaces more permeable that connect and cross the sea-front with the built fabric. A new permeability for eastern seaside through the design of a new section and the structuring of mobility characterized by slower traffic near the waterfront and by pedestrian and bike paths. SeaSide represents two point of view for one inseparable perspective of progress: sea-city.

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